Tipps & Tricks

Tipps & Tricks

In the recipe category Tips & Tricks there are no conventional recipes in the actual sense, but rather short instructions for traditional dishes or new ideas on how to spice them up, new German pimp, can. From spreads to upgraded main meals, there should be something for everyone.

Rezept Fig Chutney
25 MIN | 4 | |

Such a fig chutney goes incredibly well with grilled / roasted meat or to the various cut cheeses. The recipe is so refined that you just have to have tried it. Do not miss this wonderful & simple pleasure.

Rezept Orange ginger dressing
10 MIN | 1 | |

The Orange Ginger Dressing recipe is a great addition to your salad marinade collection. Fruity and spicy, it goes on a flavorful journey towards Asia. You should definitely try it.