Main course

Main course

For me, the supreme discipline, because there is enough to discover around the globe. From simple lentils with bacon, to an asparagus tart to a hearty stew and much much more, you can find everything that tastes and you can cook especially cheap.

Rezept Koenigsberger Klopse
80 MIN | 6 | |

Koenigsberger Klops are an ancient delicious recipe from East Prussia, which even in modern times has not lost its appeal and not for nothing has become one of the German classics. My interpretation is easy and cheap to cook. Be sure to try!

Rezept Roast pork from the shoulder
180 MIN | 8 | |

Roast pork from the shoulder is a classic from grandmother’s kitchen, which you must have made once! The hearty and simple recipe is just tailor-made for cooking beginners, but also advanced cooks will enjoy it. Try it out!

Rezept Chicken Alfredo Pan (One Pot)
30 MIN | 2 | |

The Chicken Alfredo Pan, which is actually a OnePot, will be on your plate in less than 30 minutes. It is therefore a simple recipe where you can cook a wonderful meal from inexpensive ingredients. Don’t miss this treat and give it a try!

Rezept Classic goose breast from the oven
90 MIN | 2 | |

The classic goose breast from the oven is no substitute for a mastinigansl, but it is a worthwhile alternative packed into a wonderfully simple recipe. You definitely have to try this one! It’s worth it.

Rezept Grandpa’s cabbage meat
150 MIN | 4 | |

The recipe of Grandpa’s cabbage meat is sure to succeed and easy to cook even for inexperienced cooks. With inexpensive ingredients you create a stew from grandfather’s time, which does not have to hide in any way. You should definitely try it out!

Rezept Pork tenderloin bacon curry
40 MIN | 4 | |

Pork tenderloin bacon curry is a hearty recipe with an aromatic, creamy sauce. Quickly prepared, you can enjoy it even after a long day at work and do not have to go on the adventure of delivery service. Try it out!

Rezept Pork tenderloin cubes in marjoram sauce
25 MIN | 4 | |

The pork tenderloin cubes in marjoram juice are a quick & tasty recipe that even the most stressed person can cook cheaply in a few minutes. Try it out right now!

Rezept Roast pork in a roasting tube
150 MIN | 4 | |

Such a roast pork in a roasting tube is a juicy and delicious recipe that you can easily prepare yourself without much effort. Also well suited for novice cooks. You should definitely try this version!

Rezept Chicken with mushrooms & broccoli
30 MIN | 4 | |

Chicken with mushrooms & broccoli sounds like a delicious, but elaborate and expensive recipe. Yet it is very easy and inexpensive to cook. Few ingredients with wonderful flavors make this dish so special. You should definitely try it out!

Rezept Beef stew with dark beer & bacon
150 MIN | 4 | |

This recipe for a simple beef stew with dark beer & bacon sool show you how you can conjure up a wonderfully tasty dish from fresh (few & cheap) ingredients. You should not miss this variety of flavors. So go now!

Rezept Spaetzle pan with mushrooms and bratwurst
25 MIN | 2 | |

Quick spaetzle skillet with mushrooms and bratwurst is a hearty favorite recipe of mine. It is characterized by the small amount of time and its inexpensive ingredients, which together make a great dish.

Rezept Rice pan with minced meat
30 MIN | 2 | |

If it has to go fast again, then this simple recipe for a rice pan with minced meat is just right for you. Quickly bought, quickly cooked but slowly enjoyed, that’s exactly how you imagine it, right? DELICIOUS