Rezept This is my life on & over the best-before date
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This is my life on & over the best-before date

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This or something similar could be the name of my basic attitude to life. But what does that mean exactly?

For me, it means that I like and often buy food that is very close to the so-called best before date (MHD) – exactly on it or even above it and only consume it later. Often still weeks after this ominous expiration date, moreover, I have already “my thoughts on the best before date” made. From therefore I go here not at all so on this artificially shortened life cycle of stimulants of all kinds.

It is with probability bordering on certainty that I was allowed to live a wonderful childhood (like actually every brat of the 60s / 70s and also still 80s), but there I also concluded with culinary questionable moments of pleasure such as sand from the sand play box, brownish gray water from puddles (we Austrians also like to say “Ladschn” (varnish / pool), mud from some meadows on which I rolled around, worm sushi, etc. …). but otherwise it was not so tingly culinary.

How also? Mother, who unfortunately has now passed away on 21.10.2021, was always busy to earn money in any form, as it happened / happens / will happen to God’s many single mothers, so that we could make ends meet and also had a roof over our heads. In addition, she was also a mother / nanny / room attendant / solo entertainer in a second job (there was television around the clock just as little as the possibility of 24 hours to store), but cook has never really liked her. It had to go fast and cheap, because even then after deduction of rent and Co as good as nothing was left.

That does not mean now that we got only garbage to eat, but it was already then very paid attention to offers and partly reduced goods. But why only partly? There was anno dazumals not so much goods, which could have somehow expired and thus reduced, because simply no such overproduction has taken place as in today’s days of the 2020s.

Has nothing to do with the life above MHD, but I have to tell you that.

Precisely because of the not really pronounced passion in the kitchen, my mother developed her, perfected to this day, pouring technique. It is not about 2 tablespoons of this, 1 teaspoon of that and 100 milliliters of that, but… 1x pour here… 1x Schüüüütt there and 1x KlugKlugKluuuug of that one.

Mein Leben am und über dem Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum - Meine 3 G's: Geschaut, Gerochen, Geschmeckt

And if someone then asked her for a recipe: “I only cook according to feeling”. This feeling makes her reach for semolina instead of flour and invent a semolina cake. I love my mother because of such things and not only because of the fact that she put me in front of you.

Anyway, living with my mother taught me that money doesn’t grow on trees, that an animal shouldn’t die for fun and that you have to eat it (no matter if it got less emotional attention or if you petted it to nirvana), that food doesn’t automatically turn to dust if the date on the package is smaller than the date on the calendar and that 1x Schüüütt plus 3x Krack Krack and 1x KlugKluuug results in pancake dough ^^

As it actually always happens I’m now a little babbling and have you hopefully not bored!?

But why do I still do this today?

Much I have already explained above, but then there is the fact that my life is more like a roller coaster ride than a leisurely hike. Thus, there were and are always financial ups and downs, which are often due to my no longer 100% health or because I’m just stupid.

However, I do not want to do without pleasure / good food and we have already reached the point why I founded the project GOOD COOKING.

You can assume that for example meat, which I cook for my recipes, is “expired”. Also vegetables are not always in the state of a penthouse cover girl and rice, pasta & Co often already celebrate their several year anniversary over the expiration date. That’s simply because certain foods can’t “go bad.”

What else distinguishes me from the rest of the food bloggers / fellow human beings? I’m now no longer ashamed to stuff my cart full of products that have the big price reduction stickers on them. On the contrary! Most of the time, I stand at the checkout line with my chest swelling with pride and fill it with my treasures.

In the past, people around me used to give me pitying looks, which have now often turned into envious looks, because they overlooked it themselves or didn’t see it at all. Apparently the last 5 years of my work have not missed their target.

Finally for all those, due always with the animal pity club daherkommen and mean:

“Yeah, that’s bad supermarket meat, you can’t buy that, etc.”

The animal has already died and no matter what, how and why: It does not deserve to end up in the garbage can disregarded!

Do you buy food on or over the best before date? Why? I would love to hear your story in the comments of this page!

Bon appétit