After a little more than 2 years, it’s time to tell you, dear reader, a little more about the person behind and how exactly the idea for this food blog came about.

Über mich -

Actually, contributions about my person are a very difficult thing for me, because I do not belong to the group of people who can describe themselves well. But let’s start with the basics and see what else comes together on this page.

About my person

My name is Franz, I was born not too long ago, anno domini 1973, in the month of May, 16423 days ago today, in the old iron city of Steyr (Upper Austria), to take over the world. Up to now, however, I have apparently not succeeded in doing so.

When I get on the digital scales, the thing always announces

Please only one person at a time!

and so my dress size starts with (at least) an X. I’m still more tall than wide, though, and thus cuboid in build, with slight bulges.


Already as a child it was my wish to become a cook, because I did not only like to eat already in tender years, but also wanted to know how to prepare the food.

Actually, I was lucky enough to already have an apprenticeship as a chef, in Kitzbühel – Tyrol, but at the age of 15 I still couldn’t break away from my mother’s skirt. I’m not even sure if I did that until today, or if I ever really wanted to, because in my life she always stood there like a rock, especially after setbacks.

Anyway, I didn’t take that job, then decided to go into retail (brown goods – TVs, audio equipment, computers, game consoles, etc.). After that I tried, more or less successfully, in other industries such as: Cab driver – field service, on the assembly line, forklift driver, warehouse worker…. up to the toilet woman.

2000 should come for me then the change and I began to deepen the knowledge in my hobby computer (EDP). It followed:

state-certified webdesigner
certified web programmer
Microsoft – certifications (MCITP, MCTS,..)
A+N+ (network technology)

Then in 2013 my body, by means of first heart attack, told me:

Hey, you… not like that!

And so my self-employed activity in the field of services in automated data processing ends there.

If I am completely honest now, I am glad about this drastic experience, because it formed me as a person even more and since then I know even more exactly what I want. In addition, I have learned something very important -> the NO – say.

Phhuuuu… now you already know a lot about me and so we come back to the actual topic…

How did I get into cooking?

As I mentioned before, I’ve always loved to eat, but that wasn’t the deciding factor. Yes, I tried (more or less unsuccessfully) to scare my mother out of the kitchen when I was 4. But it was more my mother’s declining health (frequent, lengthy hospitalizations, at increasingly shorter intervals) that forced me (in part) into the kitchen.

Anyway, it was anything but cooking back then…. possibly I even invented experimental cooking, what do I know 🙂

But so the interest in cooking grew and I started relatively soon to deal with the matter. What I also can’t deny is the fact that certain movies and actors also played a role. For example:

Louis de Funes – Breast or Club / Sharp Curves for Madame
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill – with all their glutton orgies (especially Bohne I learned to love through it. Hardly a movie that I have not, with a pan of thick beans in front of me, devoured with my eyes
Tampopo – Puff flower or Tampopo – The magic noodle (Japanese movie)

All this led to my decision, which I have already described to you above, to become a chef.

How did come about?

Actually, as always with such private projects, personal experiences in life play a big role. In my case it was clearly the restriction of financial means after my heart attack and subsequent divorce. There was sometimes, after paying the monthly bills, not much left. But I still wanted to eat well. And so I put myself back to my early days (childhood) and began to experiment again like crazy. I also looked in cookbooks and magazines for inspiration and then just bent the recipe so that they fit into my budget.

Some of it was really good and some of it was just hunger that drove me to the designated place in my stomach. With the good things I was then often asked for a recipe, but I had to pass. I had cooked fresh from the liver away and I was not really aware of what I had done wrong. If I knew it then, I was partly too lazy to write it down to the people every time.

But at some point it was too stupid for me, because there were really a few things that I would have liked to eat again later in that form. So I remembered what I had learned and started to think. The basic idea was “cheap cooking”, so I secured the domain and only then thought about what exactly I wanted to do there.

While brainstorming with myself then came:

Make yourself a kind of online recipe book!

First of all, you are a slob, you won’t find the scribbles anymore and secondly, you won’t have to copy the “recipe” every time someone wants to have it.

So I knocked off the dusty web fuzzy and sat down in front of the computer. The first version was created quickly and was so bad that I didn’t want to do it anymore. The encouragement of the people I told about my project and my awakened ambition made me continue. And after “only” about 1.5 years, summer 2017, I was also finished (although a blog is actually never finished) 😉  You can see the final result right now.

Functional, however, the thing was also before and so I have already published before this time again and again recipes. At the beginning, the only thing that mattered to me was the insane simplicity of the recipes and so I didn’t really care about the selection of ingredients, technical errors and certainly not about the photos. They were actually only annoying accessories. But that should change relatively quickly.

I already told you more about my photos in my FAQ – amount unprofessional food pictures.

When I started to post my crimes on social networks, the first “suggestions for improvement” came quickly, let’s put it that way. But instead of being scared away, I put some thought into it. Both about the presentation of this food blog, as well as the nature of the recipes and the associated images. And…

End of story

Are you foolish… If I had been told before I started this typing orgy that I would be bombing more than 1000 words into the digital world here, I would have just smiled tiredly. Especially with the last part, there would still be soooooooo much to tell. I could philosophize there forever and very extensively about what all belongs to a blog.

Do you have any questions, wishes or requests? Then I would be very happy about a message or a message on the various networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+,..).