4 Sterne Rezepte


Rezept Rice pan with minced meat
30 MIN | 2 | |

If it has to go fast again, then this simple recipe for a rice pan with minced meat is just right for you. Quickly bought, quickly cooked but slowly enjoyed, that’s exactly how you imagine it, right? DELICIOUS

Rezept Crispy simple potato daler
45 MIN | 12 | |

The recipe of crispy simple potato dumplings is a different way to serve potatoes as a side dish. With a little skill, you can also make it into a main course. I’ll tell you how to do it here. Try it out!

Rezept Chicken with mushrooms & broccoli
30 MIN | 4 | |

Chicken with mushrooms & broccoli sounds like a delicious, but elaborate and expensive recipe. Yet it is very easy and inexpensive to cook. Few ingredients with wonderful flavors make this dish so special. You should definitely try it out!

Rezept Baked apple puree without added sugar
100 MIN | 4 | |

Baked apple puree is certainly the simplest of its kind and incredibly delicious. With just a few inexpensive ingredients, you can easily create a tasty snack or an addition to classic pastries in no time at all. You have to try it!

Rezept Beef stew with dark beer & bacon
150 MIN | 4 | |

This recipe for a simple beef stew with dark beer & bacon sool show you how you can conjure up a wonderfully tasty dish from fresh (few & cheap) ingredients. You should not miss this variety of flavors. So go now!

Rezept Pork tenderloin cubes in marjoram sauce
25 MIN | 4 | |

The pork tenderloin cubes in marjoram juice are a quick & tasty recipe that even the most stressed person can cook cheaply in a few minutes. Try it out right now!