- Main course -
Koenigsberger Klopse

Koenigsberger Klops are an ancient delicious recipe from East Prussia, which even in modern times has not lost its appeal and not for nothing has become one of the German classics. My interpretation is easy and cheap to cook. Be sure to try!


Roast pork from the shoulder
180 MIN 8

Roast pork from the shoulder is a classic from grandmother's kitchen, which you must have made once! The hearty and simple recipe is just tailor-made for cooking beginners, but also advanced cooks will enjoy it. Try it out!

Chicken Alfredo Pan (One Pot)
30 MIN 2

The Chicken Alfredo Pan, which is actually a OnePot, will be on your plate in less than 30 minutes. It is therefore a simple recipe where you can cook a wonderful meal from inexpensive ingredients. Don't miss this treat and give it a try!

Classic goose breast from the oven
90 MIN 2

The classic goose breast from the oven is no substitute for a mastinigansl, but it is a worthwhile alternative packed into a wonderfully simple recipe. You definitely have to try this one! It's worth it.


Grandpa’s cabbage meat
- Main course -

Grandpa’s cabbage meat

150 MIN 4

The recipe of Grandpa’s cabbage meat is sure to succeed and easy to cook even for inexperienced cooks. With inexpensive ingredients you create a stew from grandfather’s time, which does not have to hide in any way. You should definitely try it out!

Gnocchi basic recipe like in Italy
60 MIN 1

You will see that the basic recipe for gnocchi is not difficult at all and you can cook it cheaply too. A true Italian classic fresh & homemade enhances any dish immensely. You should not wait long and try it out.

Pork tenderloin bacon curry
40 MIN 4

Pork tenderloin bacon curry is a hearty recipe with an aromatic, creamy sauce. Quickly prepared, you can enjoy it even after a long day at work and do not have to go on the adventure of delivery service. Try it out!




Baked apple puree without added sugar
100 MIN 4

Baked apple puree is certainly the simplest of its kind and incredibly delicious. With just a few inexpensive ingredients, you can easily create a tasty snack or an addition to classic pastries in no time at all. You have to try it!

Pork tenderloin cubes in marjoram sauce
25 MIN 4

The pork tenderloin cubes in marjoram juice are a quick & tasty recipe that even the most stressed person can cook cheaply in a few minutes. Try it out right now!

Roast pork in a roasting tube
150 MIN 4

Such a roast pork in a roasting tube is a juicy and delicious recipe that you can easily prepare yourself without much effort. Also well suited for novice cooks. You should definitely try this version!


Apple pie from the tray that anyone can
45 MIN 12

This apple pie from the tray that really everyone can. Quickly stirred, it is also quickly in the tube and pleases you and your guests with its fluffy nature. Simply delicious. Try it out!

Chicken with mushrooms & broccoli
30 MIN 4

Chicken with mushrooms & broccoli sounds like a delicious, but elaborate and expensive recipe. Yet it is very easy and inexpensive to cook. Few ingredients with wonderful flavors make this dish so special. You should definitely try it out!

Fig Chutney
- Tipps & Tricks -

Fig Chutney

25 MIN 4

Such a fig chutney goes incredibly well with grilled / roasted meat or to the various cut cheeses. The recipe is so refined that you just have to have tried it. Do not miss this wonderful & simple pleasure.



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Koenigsberger Klopse

Friedlicher Dezember

In the twelfth month of the calendar year it is not only about love, peace and gifts, also the culinary arts are not neglected in this wintry month. It is baked, cooked and not least nibbled what the stuff holds. Temptingly it smells at all corners and ends after winterly Christmas flavors, which kidnap us again into the childhood and warm already so our hearts. For the mental well-being is thus provided. Stews, potatoes, bacon and other tasty ingredients then contribute to the physical well-being.


Every year, summer and autumn provide us with a full table of gifts during the cold season. The possibilities are endless when you can draw from the full. Thus, on cold winter evenings, stews, such as a potato goulash or an English red cabbage stew, not only warm our souls. Just because it is so cold outside, people at home enjoy warm drinks of all kinds. Whether tea, punch or a hot ginger-lime-mint syrup, which can be enjoyed chilled not only in summer.


To complete the pre-Christmas / Advent season, we are only missing grandmother’s recipes for cookies, such as: Mini Bauernlaibchen & Spekulatius, or the dishes you can still conjure up from them, such as the Spekulatius ring cake or the caramel cookie cake. So it is easy to hold out until Christmas Eve and children’s eyes, not only because of the treats, begin to shine. Thus strengthened, the new year can come and delight us with what January has to offer.